Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

1-2-3 Gluten Free products are not available at my local store. What can I do?

Fill out a product request letter and give it to the manager or owner at your local store. We have found that retailers are very responsive to customer requests for products. We are happy to work with your preferred retailer so you can get our products and avoid all shipping costs.

My local store carries some 1-2-3 Gluten Free products but not my favorites. What should I do?

Request it! All retailers have access to our full lineup of products, and we have found that stores strive to ensure the products customers want end up on their shelves.

I run a support group and we'd like to invite you to speak and sample products. Who do I contact?

Please send us at and include your contact information. We appreciate the opportunity to meet people in person, and we make it a priority to visit as many groups as we can.

I run a support group (autism, celiac, food allergy or intolerance, healthy living) and would like to know if you will send some free samples for our group to try. Who do I contact?

We often donate products to support groups for meetings and special events. At this time we are unable to donate to individuals. Please email us at at least 30 days prior to you event for consideration. We have a limited amount of product for donation and try to accommodate as many requests as possible, but demand far exceeds our capacity. Making a donation request does not guarantee a product donation.

I cannot have eggs. Can I use commercial egg replacer in your products?

Commercial egg replacer can ONLY be used in our cookie mixes — it WILL NOT work in any of our other mixes. Please note that commercial egg replacers will not work for recipes that call for more than 2 eggs. We have many egg-free recipes available for our products and often include them right on the boxes. We are always experimenting with substitution options and share new recipes  regularly.

Can I use oil in place of butter in your recipes?

No. Oil will not work in our recipes that call for butter. However, you can substitute with margarine or shortening.